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About Experts Professional Cleaning

Experts and Professionals in cleaning and Disinfection

We are an affordable and reliable Cleaning and Disinfection company that delivers professional and expertise cleaning on the DMV area. We are established since 2018 serving professionally with excellent references.

Every member of team is professionally  specialized  in the cleaning business.

Our Company


The vision of our company ExProCleaning is to give the greatest Satisfaction, Security and Peace of mind to our clients and friends, by leaving their home, space, office or work place completely Clean and Disinfected, thus helping to maintain a healthier and more pleasant environment that provides to make our world a more comfortable, healthy and happy place.


The Mission of our ExProCleaning company is to guarantee excellence, quality, gratitude and fulfillment of our cleaning and disinfection services Deep, General and Basic, with special products that take care of and protect our environment, thus providing a better «WELL-BEING» safely, comfort and satisfaction to our clients, and friends.

Living Room - Experts Professional Cleaning
Living Room - Experts Professional Cleaning

Our Work Team

They are our most valuable Business Support, they are responsible, expert and trustworthy technicians, with experience and professionalism, committed to the company, with you, with your home, and with your family, to Provide and Guarantee our clients and friends, results with the highest quality of excellence in their work.


Our Clients

Our Clients are our reason for being and our greatest responsibility. They are faithful, reliable and sure of our services, of our expert and professional work and of our maximum excellence and quality. They know that we offer them peace of mind, well-being and comfort in their home, office or work place with our Guaranteed Cleaning and Disinfection service.

Why Choose Us

We are your best Cleaning and Disinfection choice

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Our Cleaning and Disinfection Services are of excellent quality with special products, we provide the best and most reliable security to your family and your home.

Committed Team

Our Cleaning and Disinfection Services are of excellent quality with special products, we provide the best and most reliable security to your family and your home.

Reasonable Prices

We count with competitive prices.

Living Room - Cleaning and Disinfection services

Company Polices About COVID 19:

Our staff are responsible for their own health and well-being, they must inform us immediately of any symptoms of COVID 19 or other illnesses. Our company will maintain the confidentiality of this information to the extent required by law. The company will follow CDC guidelines regarding actions to take.
If one of our customers has been exposed to COVID 19 or has tested positive for COVID, we need you to inform us immediately to be more careful, we will keep this information confidential.

Precautionary and Biosecurity Measures

A) Our employees have their body temperature checked daily before starting work.
B) We control the arrival of our work groups to the company in shifts, so that they do not get congested.
C) We wash, sterilize and disinfect all our utensils and work equipment daily.
D) We work protected with gloves, shoe covers, disposable masks and uniforms for more safety.
E) We require our employees to wash their hands when entering and leaving each house.
F) We ask our clients to wear a mask and to stay at least 6 feet away from our employees while cleaning.